Stephen Foster Park and Community Garden

The Stephen Foster Park, part of the property of Parkview Baptist Church, has been enjoyed by our community free of charge, dawn to dusk, seven days a week.

Ever since the land, adjacent to our church buildings, was set aside for this use in the 1950s, the play equipment and the maintenace of the field have been provided as a ministry. Many of our neighbors enjoy the walk through the park from 12th to 13th Street. (A great route for hunting Pokemon!) 

On Easter Sunday morning we have a Sunrise Service in the Park, a beautiful place of birdsong and joy. 

The Community Garden is a place for anyone in our community to establish and maintain a small plot for vegetables and fruit growing. When the rain barrels are not full, an extra water supply is available from our church buildings. Call the church office (352) 378-2606 if you would like to register to use one of the raised beds. There are several available!