garden project

Serving Our Community
Some time ago, members of Parkview began to search for ways to reach out to our local community.  Already involved in several ministries that served the greater Gainesville / Alachua County area, members were concerned Parkview was not reaching out to our immediate neighbors surrounding the church.  Having been in the Stephen Foster neighborhood for half a century, it was time we started serving them.  Thus was birthed the idea of the Neighborhood Garden Project.
The purpose of the Neighborhood Garden Project is to:
  1. Foster greater interaction between church members and the residents of the Stephen Foster neighborhood.
  2. Serve a physical need of the community by producing fresh vegetables that can be shared and consumed with other local non-profit organizations serving the hungry.
  3. Minster to the spiritual needs that may be discovered along the way.
Parkview's approach is centered on the concept of building bridges between the body of believers at Parkview and residents of the Stephen Foster neighborhood.
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The Neighborhood Garden Project has received a grant from the Florida Certified Organic Growers & Consumers, Inc., which provides materials for building beds, soil, fill materials for each bed, vegetable seeds, and technical assistance from local specialists.
The Neighborhood Garden Project team inlcudes the following church members:
  • Connie Baker
  • Fred Freeze
  • Christine Green
  • Karen Magruder
  • Jean-Paul Calixte

Under the dedicated leadership of longtime Parkview member Jean-Paul Calixte, the Neighborhood Garden Project was kicked off with a dedication ceremony on September 26, 2009.  Many residents of the Stephen Foster neighborhood were in attendance.