Marlene Gardner, Music Minister
work: (352)378-2606
The Worship Ministry of Parkview Baptist Church is committed to leading people into the presence of God through music.  Our music includes a variety of styles of music and incorporates contemporary worship and traditional hymns.  Our worship philosophy is Ancient-Future worship by taking the best worship of the past and the best worship of the present in order to converge in praise in the presence of the Holy Spirit as he prepares us for the future.
If you have a heart for music, you will find opportunities for vocalists and instrumentalists. Our orchestra/band plays every Sunday morning during our worship service.  If you have an instrument stored away in the closet collecting dust, pull it out, or if you love playing and want to play with a group, please come join us.  Our choir is not exclusive; you are welcome!

Marlene has been involved in music since childhood beginning by singing in the church choir and taking piano lessons.  She has directed music in church for the past twenty years and has been married to Edwin Gardner, who has been a minister for 40 years.  Her desire is to provide an opportunity for the church to enter the presence of God through a time of praise and worship.   Music is her passion and she derives great pleasure in bringing the choir, instrumentalists, and congregation along on this worshipful, musical journey.